Withings pulse ox setup

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Admin
If the Health Mate app is not already installed on your device, perform the following steps. Look for your Pulse and touch Settings.

Turn on your Withings Pulse Ox by pressing the button.

Dissociating Your Withings Pulse. Dissociating your Withings Pulse allows you to remove it from your account. Tap the back button to confirm. Put your Withings Pulse Ox close enough to your Android device. At this time, you can start the installation process for the Withings Pulse. Perform a factory reset of your Withings Pulse. It can take a few minutes, as your Withings Pulse Ox might need updating.
Synchronize your Withings Pulse Ox with your app to finalize the change. The installation process starts. It needs to be charged for up to two hours using the provided USB cable until it displays go. Tap the Withings Pulse Ox you want to forget from the list. All data that wasnt synced before dissociating your Withings Pulse will be lost permanently. Performing a Factory Reset of Your Withings Pulse.