Onclick not working after ajax

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Admin
But I've found that even very basic JS like an 'alert' won't wotk after the Ajax call. JQuery Code not working after Ajax load Ruby on Rails - BlogoSfera.

However it doesn't working when I click the same link twice.

The code for Page that gets loaded. So your event bindings click event you registered earlier is lost. Delgate but still after user logs in both logged in cart onclick menus dont work until page is refreshed any ideas. You should use jQuery on for binding instead of click This code jQuery. I have created a page, it has a select box which is used for filtering the results in a table below it. But surely I shouldn't need to bind something as simple as an alert message.
Hi I am completely new to jQuery. Having trouble with some jquery ajax. But when I call an ajax, it stops working. Onclick event with PHP, ajax and jQuery not working. I guess you are updating the anchor tags once user logged in via ajax. I will be using click event to describe the problem, but all of this applies to most events in jQuery.