Inno setup extract

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Janett
Extracting and modifying these kind of installers if fairly easy if you know a few things. The Types parameter is now space-separated, as required by the IS script specification. Com, directly on your Android device without using a PC. I've never found a frontend for innounp.

It can't extract just any random.

To get the setup script, extract it like a normal file. This is being made to suit my personal needs. I will show you how to extract, modify and recompile an application that uses Inno as its installer.
See the list of limitations below. Zip file in my tmp directory, and want to extract it's contents in tmp but only when my third form is done with it's work, not earlier. Innoextract is able to unpack most GOG. Please note that this app can only extract. For this, I use Universal Extractor, which can be downloaded in the Custom Installers downloads page.