How to check hard drive space in linux terminal

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Admin
Ubuntu frequently hogging up disk space. How do I find out disk space utilization information using command line option. On the internet you will find plenty of tools for checking disk space utilization in Linux.

How do I find the amount of free space on my hard drive.

If you're not sure how to find that out, these three commands are important to learn. It will gives you the number of sectors still free. The df command stand for disk filesystem, it is used to get full summary of available and used disk space usage of file system on Linux system.
Is your Linux server running out of storage space. You need to install these if you want to use it. Each of the above commands is used for a different purpose and can be used in conjunction with one another for tasks such as locating what files are taking up the most disk space. You can also use pydf or discus to get better representation in terminal. Using -h parameter with df -h will shows the file system disk space statistics in human readable format, means it gives the details in bytes, mega bytes and gigabyte. Browse other questions tagged linux terminal fedora hard-drive or ask your own question. Du command - Display the amount of disk space used by the specified files and for each subdirectory.