Modutils install

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Elvin
So I dl the rpm and attempt to run it using option -ivh and it does not install. This directory should be one below which it is appropriate to store dynamic library files for example, a server's root directory or the Netscape Communicator root directory.

The JAR install script is described in more detail in the section called Jar Installation File Format.

Jar files or object files using the modutil tool. The archive shows two recent similare issues. The configure script isn't generating any output. Or maybe I need a new version of kernel to handle this modutils. Conflicts with module-init-tools. For these and other features of the library, please visit the documentation.
I'm using Ubuntu but building this package from source, as I don't see it in apt-cache. Okayy let me give a breif explanatin of what i am doing. Is there some compelling reason for me to do so.