How to import right hand drive car

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Lyndon
Wholesalers and Private Sellers For Maximum Choice Best Prices. Taking a LHD car built for the US and converting it is a pretty popular option.

Importing a right-hand drive RHD vehicle into the United States is an involved process even if your car already conforms to certain regulations.

Visit us at our new location in Irmo, South Carolina. All our JDM vehicles can be legally registered. Since the dashboard is designed for a right-hand driving system, it has to be removed and replaced with a left-hand drive dashboard. But there are a few weird holdouts, for various historic reasons, like England, Australia and Japan that have cars with steering wheels on the right. Browse our inventory online to see our selection of Nissan Skylines, Toyota Land Cruisers, and more. Otherwise, your safety can be in jeopardy.
Just like anything, there are Pros and Cons. Ive been driving on the wrong side of the car for a good while now, and I get asked about it often enough that it seems like I may as well share some of what Ive learned. You can go the cheap route and buy a conversion kit for a few hundred bucks and do it yourself.