Borderlands 2 dlc install order

Posted on 18.06.2018 by Admin
Got all the DLC's, but I'm unsure of which order to play them in. I tried reaching relatively high levels before facing most of these bosses so it wouldn't take too long to defeat them.

Since the boss battles were actually.

Restart Steam, and see if that works. For better explanation i've provided a screenshot. This is an E-Tech Submachine Gun. The Mechromancer and Psycho classes are both available as premium downloadable content packs. I know that all the DLC is downloaded to your game already, and all you need to do is change a text file to access them.
So which order of DLC's including the main game and which playthroughs. The first two games have a Game of the Year Edition that includes DLC with the base game. So I've exited and restarted Steam twice now, and started up the game and quit twice as well, still nothing.