How to copy command prompt output

Posted on 18.06.2018 by Ginette
Select the text inside the command prompt using the mouse. Opening a Command Prompt window.
To copy the selected text, right click on the command prompt window title and choose Edit-Copy command or just press Enter on the keyboard. Redirect Command-line output to a file. Copy Command Prompt output to Clipboard. Redirecting the output to a new file. Piping the output to Clip Clip.
Many times we come across situations where we are required to copy the output of command prompt. In this article we will show you How to copy command prompt output. Let's copy to the clipboard, the output of the dir command, which prints the given directory listing into the console. This tool copies the data redirected or passed to it, into the clipboard. Redirecting the output to a file append contents. This video tutorial explains you how to copy and save the output of a command prompt in text format on a Notepad or WordPad.