How to get paragraphs in wordpress

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Admin
If not, theres an inbuilt way to create indents and well look at an advanced method as well. Today I will demonstrate how to indent paragraphs in WordPress. Many themes distinguish blockquotes by placing them in an indent and you may find that this does the job nicely.

The only simple workaround is via Classic block, as explained above.

Understanding paragraphs and line breaks in WordPress. Using the Basic Inbuilt Indent Feature. This video shows you had to add a paragraph into WordPress. Vesaraiskila wants to indent the paragraph now.
Adding own CSS and an own class is way too complex for regular users. Of course, it is not necessary to put indents in every single paragraph as it depends on the writing style that is being used and there are many different styles. You will not need any additional plugins as the tools are built into the platform, but there are plugins to improve these existing tools.