How to throw a discus

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Mickie
Make sure your feet are both shoulder width apart and your arms are both extended to their full length. Fouls can occur in the following cases.
Each side of the Discus must be identical and it must be made without indentations, projections or sharp edges. In a mere two seconds, the expert discus thrower musters up torque like a human whirlwind and ejects the discus into the distance. During that time, a Greek sculptor named Myron created his famous statue, Discobolus, of a discus thrower.
The rest of your fingertips should spread equally. For the novice thrower, you will need to begin with the basics. Blink and youll miss the throw. You step outside the discus circle. The following sequence explaining how to throw a discus is written for. At the world level, the discus throw is a precise dance, where rhythm, harmony and balance convert into power. For discus throwing, you should wear moderately comfortable shirts and shorts.