How to make iso file from folder daemon

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Hyo
I don't want to buy discs, so I decided to create ISO images instead to store all my photos. While another tutorial explains how to mount ISO images using WinCDEmu, this one shows how to create the images from your discs. You have to specify the source folder the. Click on the Add button on toolbar to add files and folders.

I want to create ISO image from files and folders, I don't have a disc with my photos.

How do I delete files or folders from ISO image file. Click the menu Action Change Label to change the default label. Now I'd like to describe, how to create an ISO image from files for those, who are also inte. So Delete is an important part of editing files. After installing AnyToISO in Windows, you can right-click on any folder in the File Explorer and select AnyToISO option from the right-click context-menu. Click the menu Action Boot Add boot information. Open the Computer folder from the start menu.
Click the menu Action New Folder to create a new folder. You can also directly drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to the PowerISO window. Well, I can burn my data on CD-RW and then make a disc image, but it makes no sense. It is pretty easy task if you are using the right type of tools. For example, you can use AnyToISO Lite for this. Here I faced a problem to create a new image, I need an optical disc.