Ef civic autocross setup

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Vera
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Clean Honda Civic EF Destroys at Autocross. An ef civic build that's not for everyone. A Secured Identity For Everyone. Supercharged Honda Civic Autocross. So Im set to do autocross soon locally.
While this setup did satisfy the federal regulations, the front doors had to be opened very wide to allow access between the belt and the seat. Fourth-generation Civic hatchbacks became famous among Honda Civic enthusiasts due to their lightweight design and formidable suspension layout. Many Civic owners used the door mounted belts just as they would pillar mounted belts, buckling and unbuckling as necessary. EF Civic Drift Trentham Autocross. Should I go with more camber up front. EF Hatch tearing up the Autocross. Still playing with tire pressures.