Why science is bullshit

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Shalon
Advertising, politics, tabloids, television bullshit seems to pop up everywhere once you start looking for it. Chopra waxing poetic on Twitter might not be overly problematic, but the lack of regard for truth that characterises bullshit has serious consequences.

Why we cant look away from before-and-after pictures.

Usually the third Monday in January thatas calculated using a complicated-looking scientific formulahappens to be the most depressing of the year. And then lying, of course, is very concerned with the truth but subverting it. It is NOT to solve problems because if they ever did, then they'd have to get. Falsification has become great hype among the scientists. Try it - they will simply assume you must be joking, because it has never occurred to them that it might be true. The only goal of the social sciences is to get money for social scientists. Consider the role of bullshit in highly complicated areas such as health.
Do we really have to wait that long. Its not just random words put together. We must acknowledge that in principle there is no reason to believe things are very different to the days of Galileo. The difference between bullshit and lying is that bullshit is constructed without any concern for the truth. Its designed to impress rather than inform. The asking and answering of questions in science has been reduced to a ritual. But how many scientists do really apply falsification in their own research.