How to install baffles in vance and hines longshots

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Nice sounds, where you by this buffles. I love the pics and step by step for the baffles. Vance Hines ShortShots Quiet Baffles vs. I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It.
These removable baffles will mellow your exhaust note for a classic thump, with a less edgy sound, that still showcases the strength of your motor. The only real place to hook on to it is the threads there the set screw goes. How My Twin Brother Almost Died. Vance and Hines Long Shot exhaust pipes provide motorcycle enthusiasts with increased power and a deeper, throatier sound for their motorcycle of choice. Vance Hines is a product design and manufacturing company that produces high quality, Performance Products within the Powersports industry. I used a hook tool to extract the standard baffle. Stock Harley Sportster Exhaust vs.

Be sure to leave on the fiberglass wrap and the tape that secures it to the baffle.

Bowser's military hierarchy Unraveled. Here is the new vance and hines quiet baffle you will be installing. VH ShortShots Quiet Baffles vs. I have same bike and longshots and have plan go longway without things in my ear. How To Install Vance Hines Cruzers.