Iphone 4 ear speaker not working water damage

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Avery
In an attempt to fix the issue, he used a Reviveaphone kit, which I believe involves putting the phone in an isopropyl solution. Once it's corroded and the longer you leave it the harder it is to remove the corrosion. Since it is directly open on the screen, it is likely that is was destroyed by water.

Also to make sure the phones doesn't die a few month later from water corrosion, I would actually send to somewhere for profession ultrasonic cleaning.

This didn't fix his problem, but on. If there is no sound can be heard over the ear speaker, this solution may help on how to diagnose and repair the problem. I would replace that ear speaker. The high level solution will be posted for update.
Clean the flex pin connector if oxidized. This does not mean that the flex cable needs to be replaced. Getting a distorted sound is another iPhone speaker not working problem that is faced by users. It can be caused due to a damaged hardware or a corrupt app as well. From here, you can turn its volume up and fix this iPhone speaker not working problem. Check the flex ribbon cable for possible damaged, try replacing it.