Quiver tip fishing setup

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Kerrie
Now you can assemble bottom fishing and feeder setup in addition to existing spinning and float setups. Wayne Thomas takes a look at a quiver tip fishing, a fun and highly successful method for catching mullet. You can see where and at what angle the line enters the water.

Achieving this balance will make the setup more sensitive, even in quite a strong flow.

Terminal tackle generally consists of a two hook paternoster made up using either two small three way swivels or two blood loops. The main characteristic of its design is its sensitivity. I want to get to a point where the feeder moves when I have about half a bend in the quiver tip. The flow of the water will always push a bow into the line between rod tip and feeder. Replacement Preston quiver tips. Replacement Shimano Quiver Tips. But at the same time using the lightest feeder I can get away with.
I will keep changing the feeder weight and even change the quiver tip until I am happy. Fishing with feeder tackle will work almost anywhere, but this method is most popular in Europe, where there the white, no-predatory fish are more abundant. A quiver tip is a flexible extension to a fishing rod which is designed to move, or quiver, when a fish takes the bait. New Competitions We have added new competitions on all of the new waterways.