Setting pinion angle with a 2-piece driveshaft

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Georgeanna
Transmission points down, axle points up. Dual cases will require rotating rear pinion angle and cv but thats a little less technical. Driveline Vibrations after Lifting. Double cardan drive shaft is smoother operation at higher operating angles and longer life.

Lot's of people just run them with a huge amount of angle.

Double Carden Driveshaft - The pinion should point up towards the transmission or transfer case when using a double carden driveshaft. At first I had thought it was the solid engine mounts in the car, but I wouldn't think that would cause an oscillating vibration, more of a constant vib. We are getting a weird vibration in the car. He had to run a large stablizer and had to run a low steer set up, don't know what springs he had. Had a two piece built, and had to have him make a run out balance correction. Keeping safely away from critical speed affects decisions about driveshaft tube diameter and the decision to use a two-piece shaft set with the added support when bridging long spans.
If i were you id get your pinion centerline raised up some or raise the angle of your engine. I posted this over on the other forum, but maybe it will get a bit more traffic here. I'm waiting on a new water pump so I can't test drive yet. Always thought it funny how the SAS venders don't go into detail about driveshaft mods needed.