How to change heater core in 02 dodge ram 1500

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Rosita
Do i have to completely remove the instrument panel and dashboard to access the heater core and evaporator read more. How to Change the Radiator in a Dodge Caravan.

Remove the heater core retaining bolts.

Buy a Prestone coolant flush kit. They have complete drawings and illustrated procedures on how to remove the dash. There may be several steps you don't see the need for, but follow them - it is better than finding out why a few steps later. Refrigent is coming out of my evaporator drainage tube. The simplest way to tell you how to do this is to go get yourself a chilton book. The heater core cracked some time last winter and I have just gotten around to ordering a replacement and found the time to replace it but I am having issues pulling the dash back.
If there is indeed a recall, then the dealer should take care of the issue for you. Reverse the processto install the new heater core. This will involve removing the dashboard, which may require the help of at least one other person. Having a friend around really helps. The oxygen sensor within a vehicle is a crucial component of the exhaust system. Dodge ram heater core replacement.