How to address honorary consul in a letter

Posted on 15.05.2019 by Carolann
Then after their name they are identified as the honorary Consul General of An ambassador is the only diplomat that gets a special honorific or courtesy title. How do I address in a phone conversation an Honorary Consul of Denmark. As with all government positions, this is also true when writing a consul general.
If you would like to write a letter to a consul general, you should first understand exactly how to properly address her to ensure you are polite and respectful in the letter. If you don't already know, you'll also need to find out the correct person to address who can help you with your issue. How to Address a Former Foreign Ambassador Who Is a Now a Consul General.
While he is currently the Consul General of Brazil in Atlanta, he served as an Brazilian ambassador earlier in his career and retains that title. Internet sites, such as Project Visa or Embassy World, as well as Internet searches for the country and the word embassy can help you identify the right person. A consul general is the person who is in charge of a consulate.