How to make 3 tier topsy turvy cake

Posted on 15.05.2019 by Regan
Begin applying a crumb coat of buttercream frosting while pressing on the top of piece of cardboard with the opposite hand to maintain leverage with the cake. This technique is a fun optical illusion that makes your cake appear topsy-turvy.

Each wedge of the cake should counter its neighboring wedge so that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the structure.

I finally got an interesting project to demo and a working camera all at the same time. I then cut vertically into the cake, all the way around the circle. You can prepare these cakes using normal pans, but using specially designed topsy turvy cake pans will make the process much easier and generally more successful. Com Basically you need a lot of cake mix. A topsy turvy cake must be assembled in a way that keeps the center of gravity positioned above the cake's base of support. Continue here as with the carving of the sides by working on the cake upside down, keeping it sandwiched between two cardboards. The best way to frost a topsy turvy cake is upside down, because that positioning exposes the sides of the cake better, making them easier to access with tools.
Hello everyone this is going to be my first post on my blog. If you are looking at starting a cake business or wanting to earn more money from cake then you are in the right place. In other words, the slant of one layer must run at an angle opposite the slant of the second layer. I cant give you exact measurements but I will give you a brief. Topsy turvy cakes use a principle known as counterbalance to keep the center of gravity properly positioned. I take a cake cardboard or pan or, in this case, cheesecake pan insert and set it on the tier where I want the next tier to sit. Regardless of how you stack the tiers, this physics principle must be kept in mind.