Camera night shot setting

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Marianela
Ill focus this tutorial on a basic night shot, not deep space astrophotography. But taking a great night shot requires some pre-planning and a basic understanding of cameras, lenses and camera settings. We'll not only show you how to set up your camera for night photography, but offer night photography tips for controlling your colours, planning yours shoots and more. If you have a tripod handy, set the ISO to the lowest setting your digital SLR camera will go.
If you want to capture taillights or movements with motion blur, a longer exposure is required. Often youre alone on the landscape with only the wild things and a breeze as your background soundtrack. Digital SLR settings for night photography.
I love night photography for the sheer peacefulness. Night shots would require you to have the widest possible aperture, to let more light into your shot. What Camera and Lens Do I Need.