Gitolite setup linux

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Admin
How to setup and use Gitolite with Git. The operating system user will be called git to make it easy for our collaborators to remember. My experience with linux and everything open source.

This article will hopefully be your replacement for those searches.

Conf file, and then push back the. Not using a package manager and setting it up. I followed it step by step and what do you know, it all worked great.
My setup has the following packages installed. If you install gitolite using a package manager, you should check your distro-standard mechanisms or distro-supplied documentation for how to complete the installation. The setup step creates the files and directories gitolite needs, including the special gitolite-admin repo, and makes you an administrator so you can manage it remotely. Let's create and send an ssh key from our local box and send it to our server.