What is el nino in english

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Mallie
It Begins With a Warming of Waters. In practical sense, the ocean surface around the equator region warms up by small degrees Celsius along with very heavy thunderstorms.

Why are its effects so widespread.

In normal conditions, the wind blow from the east to the west along the equator in the Pacific. El Nino is a natural phenomenon experienced in the equatorial Pacific which causes temporary alterations in the world climate. El Nino is, strictly speaking, only the warm current of water that appears off Peru every two to seven years, says Newsweek magazine.

Since these warm currents usually arrive around Christmas, they were named El Nino, the Spanish term for the infant Jesus.

What does the natural phenomenon el nino mean. The most notable impacts from El Nino in the United States occur during the winter. These are the trade winds which blow towards the west along the equator. In this animated video, we explain what El Nino is and how it affects weather around the world. The Pacific ocean signatures, El Nino and La Nina also written in English as El Nino and La Nina are major temperature fluctuations in surface waters of the tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean.