What is a hickey in spanish

Posted on 07.09.2018 by Candice
It is often said that love bites are more of a more intense and lustful one compared to a Hickey because of the mark it leaves. A hickey is a bruise, caused by the teeth of someone normally a teenager who is 'making out'.

So Hickey might be originated from this word.

Everything you need to know about Hickies. One or more forum threads is an exact match of your searched term. Te Quiero Mucho Spanish for I love you. You could just google this question. Anyways it is still Hickey and is a proper noun used until today.
Every one of you must have come across these terms, Hickey and love bite, at some point in your life. Well, for starters lets just say that both of them are pretty much the same. This creates breakage of the blood vessels and causes either a red or brown. Bring me that hickey that's on top of that over there.