How do you say drink alcohol in spanish

Posted on 26.08.2018 by Yajaira
If not or if yes, whatt are ways of getting drunk real quick. By the way, i was surprised to learn that cane alcohol is very pure and if one gets totally drunk and not just halfway one doesnt have a hang-over the following day. 'drinking is necessary in the desert' 'En el desierto es necesario beber'.
Queremos ayudarle, entonces hay que llenar su perfil. I'm working on Spanish project and I need to know how to say alcohol in Spanish for the drinks section. Welcome to the forum, we want to help you so fill out your profile If you have a problem PM a mod Bienvenido al foro. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but in yahoo answers in spanish some one said it makes you drunk to smell it. Daniela, despite the pronunciation in Spanish, I believe alcol is spelled alcohol, in both languages. What are some common ways of saying a shot of liquor.

I'm trying to say she doesn't do drugs or drink.

I love you in different languages. I will teach you how to say I am hung over I have a hangover, I drank too much, I mixed wine with beer and so on. 'drinking glass' 'vaso de beber'. 'I am drinking' 'Estoy bibiendo' adjective. If it is a request that someone pass you a drink, it would be Bebida, por favor or if the drink is alcoholic Copa, por favor. Beber, that means to drink so it's kinda the same thing.