Minecraft how to use beacons 1.5.2

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Marcellus
Are there other ways to use a beacon. When activated, beacon blocks provide two unique functions. The Beacon can be used to give yourself automatic potion effects when you're in range.

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A beacon can be mined successfully with any tool, or with bare hands. Like other light sources, they will melt snow and ice. This is a tutorial on how to make a Beacon. This tutorial will help you make the correct setup for it and use it correctly. For Today's Minecraft Console Video I am going to show you how to use beacons in minecraft Xbox. A number of powers will be available depending on how many layers there are in your beacon pyramid. This wikiHow teaches you how to craft a beacon in Minecraft's survival mode.

Some of the beacon properties may have changed in later Minecraft versions.

However it is very expensive to make. I chose Haste and used a diamond to activate it. You should now be under the effect of your chosen power, and will see swirly effects like when youve drunk a potion and the name of the effecton your inventory screen. I have made video's on the Beacon Block, How to make Firework's and even how to use Armor Stands just to name some.