How to delete photos from picasa instant upload

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Carrol
PicBackMan was an answer to many a prayer. The only time you create extra is if you use the Save to disk feature which is optional. It will just stop these albums from syncing to your device and appearing in your Gallery.
It is not possible to remove delete photos from Picasa. Android Apps Reviews, Roundups and How-tos. But the albums that have already been synchronized are already there. Just follow line by line steps. But in this article I also provided solution about how to delete Picasa photos from mobile permanently. It would have taken me close to a year to get all of those photos where they needed to go.
Picasa scans your existing disk and displays the photos. Go to Settings on your Android device. You can download picasa mobile from the market you can delete any picture from your instant upload album. Remember that disabling the synchronization wont impact Google Quick Upload for pictures, and also it wont remove your Picasa photos from the Server permanent. However, Picasa does not make any copies of your photos or increase the amount of space used on your hard drive during normal use.