How to make polygons in arcgis 10

Posted on 06.07.2018 by Lillie
In order to complete an area calculation for a polygon shapefile, it needs to be in a projected coordinate system as opposed to geographi. How to Merge different Shapefiles in GIS Very Easy Method. Creating polygon features in an existing feature class interactively.

Make sure that All features are select under the Export drop down menu.

What projection does the data need to be in to support this calculation. With an ArcGIS for Desktop Standard or ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced license, you can use the Construct Polygons command on the Advanced Editing toolbar to create polygons from lines in ArcMap. We have ordered the information below to mimic the steps taken in the video. Learn how to use the Construct Polygons comma. Click OK, and your centroids are now saved as a shapefile to your specified path. X - Editor - Merge boundarie to boundaries of a polygon shapefile. In the Display XY Data dialog box that appears, choose centx as the X Field and centy as the Y Field.
This tutorial is about to merge different Shapefiles into one layer. What field type should I use for area calculations. Creating a new polygon feature class. If you have an ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced license, there are several geoprocessing tools you can use. How to clean up slivers around polygons in ArcGIS. Simpel distance calculation in ArcMap near tool.